Get a consultation from our Dermatologist (from the comfort of your own home) to solve all your skincare problems and have a glowing + healthy skin.

Session price: $29

If you have any skincare problems, you can talk about them to our Dermatologist, or get a consultation on how to follow the best skincare routine for your skin type, which products are the best for you, not to mention how to get rid of acne in its different forms, dark under eye areas or dark skin patches.

*How to book a session:

You can pay through: Paypal, Credit Card, Fawry or you can request a customized payment link.

Once the payment has been processed, we will get in touch asap to see what timing works with you best, and have you fill in a few details for your Dermatologist to be fully prepared for your session. After that, we will be sending you the private link for your session with your Dermatologist.

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100% money back guarantee if you didn’t benefit from your session.



It was so good and useful, they kept introducing new ideas on how to change my style and how to make it more suitable for me. - Sara

The shopping trip with my personal stylist was amazing, she helped me a lot with everything I had questions about, thank you so much. - Dina

I was preparing for my engagement, and they’ve helped me with all the styling details, from picking the perfect dress, my hairstyle and which makeup would look best on me. - Nada

I didn’t know my closet had this much potential in it, I highly recommend this service if you’re fed up with your closet but don’t have the budget to buy a whole wardrobe. - Sarah

You broadened my perspective! My style was so outdated but now I’m already feeling more confident about my style and appearance. - Leila

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