The fees are: $15 = 250 EGP. Here's what you get when booking with us:

Our Stylist will be available on WhatsApp to know more about you, answer any questions you might have and give you tailored fashion and beauty advice for the duration of your session. She’ll also send you your personalized mood board and your style boards over there. We support text, voice notes and media.

Once our Stylist has chatted a bit with you, and got a better idea of what would work best for your style, she’ll send over a customized mood board for you. Think of it as the overall inspiration of your style transformation, and to make sure you and your Stylist are on the same page. You’ll get 2 revisions in case you’d like to change anything.

Once you approve your mood board, our Stylist will be sending you your style boards which include complete outfit suggestions, customized looks for you, items you can buy and where to buy them from, how to mix and match clothes and accessories you already own. She will make sure to work with your budget to suggest things that you can get your hands on.

We’re sure you have amazing things in your closet, but the problem is you probably wear the same things over and over again, in the same way. That’s where our Stylist comes in, she’ll combine interesting outfits for you (from your closet) and help you wear them in many different ways.

She’ll give you all the advice you need. From how to style a specific item, to what you can wear on a date, or first day at work. Have a wedding to attend? She’ll help you put together the perfect look. Which accessories to go for, or haircut you should try out, makeup shades or looks that would work for you, and the list goes on and on.

Fill in your info. One of our in-house STYLISTS will get in touch with you on WhatsApp to get started.

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Pay for your session via Credit Card or PayPal. 100% money back guarantee if you don’t benefit from your session.


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Our Stylist gets in touch with you on WhatsApp to answer your questions, and give you all the styling advice you need.

Money back guarantee if you didn’t benefit from your session.



It was so good and useful, they kept introducing new ideas on how to change my style and how to make it more suitable for me. - Sara

The shopping trip with my personal stylist was amazing, she helped me a lot with everything I had questions about, thank you so much. - Dina

I was preparing for my engagement, and they’ve helped me with all the styling details, from picking the perfect dress, my hairstyle and which makeup would look best on me. - Nada

I didn’t know my closet had this much potential in it, I highly recommend this service if you’re fed up with your closet but don’t have the budget to buy a whole wardrobe. - Sarah

You broadened my perspective! My style was so outdated but now I’m already feeling more confident about my style and appearance. - Leila

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